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Am I trying to punish you all for doing whatever it is you're doing right now instead of having to clean the house on a Sunday morning? Definitely not. I'm telling you this in order to show you what this author did to me. Book 1 was an extreme rollercoaster of emotions as you can see from my review then. I was devastated when Max was unknowingly pregnant but lost the child because Bitchface Barclay had thrown her out without a penny and she had almost no food and no heating.

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I was furious about how Leon reacted and treated Max when he didn't know the entire story there is only so much I can forgive him due to his past. But all those events were made up for by the very satisfying ending.

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In this book the events were made much much more horrible than the above mentioned ones by the sheer triviality of them. I mean view spoiler [I expected Leon's death ever since they made plans to leave St. Mary's but the author made Leon's death a normal work place accident hide spoiler ] and what is worse is that view spoiler [he and Max had not spoken in 9 months and then it was too late hide spoiler ]! I wouldn't have reacted like Max did, but people are different and therefore react differently and I can see her attempt at self-preservation. What was aggravating just the cherry on top, really was that so much of it could have been far less bad had certain people just talked to each other.

Maybe it's just me but if you find your other half, you shouldn't waste so much bloody time with this drama! Sure, a person can drive you mad and you shouldn't just take shit from anyone or everyone. So even in the best of relationships there might be a day when doors get slammed. But this was different. To make matters even worse I know, but it's true , we didn't get a satisfying conclusion! And this is precisely why I originally deducted one star even.

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Since we don't yet know the great masterplan thanks Clio , it might actually NOT be a lazy way the author can view spoiler [shock her readers with sudden deaths for a dramatic effect without permanent consequences hide spoiler ] and view spoiler [the Leon from timeline 2 was certainly a very nice and sweet Leon hide spoiler ] but it just felt wrong to me. Like how Rose and 10 parted in the end. So what to say of this book?

A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St. Mary's, #3) by Jodi Taylor

Well, for once I had absolutely no reason whatsoever to cheer for Clio. Rather, I wanted to strangle her and still do. She better present one hell of a masterplan! Moreover, we had a new character, Prof. Teddy Penrose, who was just a blast. Seriously, the old man was at least in the top three of my favourite characters in these books so far and he made the whole Newton assignment worth it.

Other than that, I'd like to say because I saw people criticizing it that I think the author deliberately didn't let Kal have a big role in order to show that view spoiler [when certain things happen to you, not even your best friends can help. Moreover, another very emotional moment was view spoiler [Max's goodbye to Tim Peterson. It was definitely what the characters deserved but it was very tough.

Just like the tiny moment, that many might have overlooked, when Major Guthrie's background story was told! It might have never been revealed if it hadn't been for the bloody honey poisoning but it was a very strong moment and shows how the author can effortlessly weave such impactful information into light moments. Make no mistake: this author is good. I'm raging and I'm hurting and I want to hurt her in revenge, but not many authors can make you care so much.

Apart from that for all ye of less emotions than me her other, almost incredible strength is her historical accuracy and talent to bring ancient civilizations and places to life. The main event in this book certainly was Troy of course. Troy has always fascinated me I find that I have a similar taste than Max when it comes to historical moments and I have spent hours, maybe even days in total, debating with different people who now avoid me like the plague what might have actually happened, what led to the whole mess, what happened afterwards, the implications, Here we get a version of events that although not entirely how I can believe it the timing would be too convenient , is actually possible.

It was fascinating to walk through the streets of the city together with the historians and take everything in and entertain a more realistic version of events than Homer's. The fact that despite the time travel equipment she shows St. Mary's personnel being "on site" for months, taking shifts, recording like any scientists would, actually working, just makes it all so much more real. Still, I will get the car ready and anyone having read this book and feeling the same way is invited to join me in finding Mrs.

Taylor and beating her with a dustpan. I even bought a blue one. View all 38 comments. Apr 30, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy , time-travel. Liked it even better the second time around: This author has decided to first bamboozle us with humor, attract us with the interpersonal relationships of the characters, intrigue us with the time travel for historical research to different important events in time, in this case The Fall of of Troy and The battle of Agincourt, as well as a very vigorous cheese rolling festival in the 19th century, and then destroy us with devastating happenings which may or may not somehow work themselves out by the end of the book, but never in the manner of "all is well when ends well", more like "i am glad that something was salvaged at least This has been the formula for the main books in the series up to here and I have no faith that she will change it, since it does seem to be bringing us back for more There is something addictive about the writing, despite it not feeling very organic or homogeneous I have fallen in love with Max.

She is a hot mess, but this is exactly why I love her. She is passionate, willful, stubborn, suffers from mostly self-inflicted wounds and throws herself head first in every situation as long as she believes it is right. Needless to say, she is not always a good judge of what is right or not and makes a mess of her relationships and life on regular basis. She is the un-hero, the regular, intelligent, starved for affection working woman whose career has been her life The three men in her life - her boss, her off-again-on-again lover and her best friend, are the ones who ground her and raise her up, depending on what she needs at the time.

I have grown found of them as well and would hate to loose any one of them I would Don't hurt me, Jodi!!! Sometimes when he was pleased, he did display the satisfaction of an elderly vulture unexpectedly encountering a dead donkey. All the historical jumps were fascinating, but the Troy experience broke my heart It was brutal, and the end of the book did not make it any easier Jodi not only takes us down, but kicks us while we are there for good measure!!!

Sadist, I would think, and not in the fun, playful way I did think after reading this that Jodi must have had a premonition of who will be the "king" of the world in , despite writing this in Hopefully she did not hex us with him, because I would not forgive her for that transgression Despite the pain, I would still recommend this series to history buffs, time-travel aficionados, and just fans of quirky writing.

It is a bumpy ride, but at least does not leave you bored and is quite unforgettable Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many more wonderful books to come!!!!

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View all 7 comments. This was more like two books than one in my mind. The first half totally gets 4. Max takes an aged professor back in time to see Isaac Newton and everything goes wrong as usual and s This was more like two books than one in my mind. Max takes an aged professor back in time to see Isaac Newton and everything goes wrong as usual and some fun space time stuff happens.

Then there is the trip to Troy pre-war which again was extremely interesting and fascinating and I again was loving the story. We skip ahead to the end of the 10 year war and see some of the key events. I definitely loved the twist on this from the accepted lore and again I was completely loving the story. Not all of it is happy because end of a 10 years war and those Greeks were awful. Then at practically the midpoint of the book this abrupt thing happens and it was really strange.

I still enjoyed a few of the side jaunts through history to key moments but I was a little mad at Max and super annoyed with Leon and really the only person I always like in these books is Peterson.

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So the second half is only about a 2 star read for me. So again just like in the first book the Muse of History jumps in and we have what happened at the end. I mean sure she might have loved Leon but I always felt like the fact view spoiler [she never shared with him things from her past like her childhood and she was so okay with running off on assignment for months away from him at a time without a real care that there was just an intimacy missing between them.

View all 3 comments. Mar 13, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: time-travel. Oh my! Ms Taylor has outdone herself..

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This story wrung me out and messed with my head All the feels! All the hilarity! All the weeping! Carefully crafted and plotted, rich in historical detail. One of my favourite series, I've just decided. Can't wait to read the next.

Fame, Romance, and a Second Chance on the PCT

Definitely going to need some rationing as I don't want to run out of her books. This series is SO recommended. But start with the first one.

These are definitely not stand alones. View 1 comment. Discover how a simple fact-finding assignment to witness the ancient and murderous cheese-rolling fertility ceremony in Gloucester can result in CBC — concussion by cheese. So, make the tea, grab the chocolate biscuits, settle back and discover exactly why the entire history department has painted itself blue … My Review : History slaps Max and St Mary's around a good bit.

Kleio seems to favor the rough love school of affection. She really rides Max and the entire Institute hard this time out. This is not the final installment of the series, at least it's not if La Taylor has any idea of what's good for her career, and yet this book is about aging, about slowing down, and not least Max, our PoV character, isn't as young as her paper age suggests. All those months-long missions in the past have racked up the miles and the relative years.

This mission, the main one of the book, is the dream of her lifetime: Return to Troy, scope it out, and watch it fall. Now, as we're accustomed to in the previous entries in the series, Max and team are not going to go by the book. We know they're on a major and incalculably valuable mission, but we also know that this is St Mary's and there will be surprises. Yes indeed there are.

Throughout the previous books, we've seen the team break the supposedly inviolable rule about interfering in the course of history, and not get squashed flat by History's revenge. Permaybehaps, then, Kleio is aiming them at certain moments to make alterations? It's a thought She will not countenance terrifyingly major infractions of the rules.

A Second Chance A Second Chance
A Second Chance A Second Chance
A Second Chance A Second Chance
A Second Chance A Second Chance
A Second Chance A Second Chance

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