Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)

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Satan’s Ten Strategies Against You

He goes into hiding to protect his adopted parents. Sam was called this by Gordon early in the series. At the time, Gordon was written off as a fanatical murderer, but the Strawman Has a Point.

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There is, of course, no indication that he's anything but an ordinary child. His birth is so brutal it kills Vivien and his twin brother. At three-years-old he murders his nanny. He returns as the Big Bad in American Horror Story: Apocalypse , now an adult and ready to bring about the end of the world, aided by a secret society of influential Satanists. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina : Sabrina herself is revealed to have been sired by Satan , and manipulated by him and Lilith into performing acts that are perverted inversions of Jesus' miracles, in order to fulfill a prophecy that will unleash the hordes of Hell on Earth and kickstart the Apocalypse.

This trope is the central theme of Marilyn Manson 's Antichrist Superstar , surprisingly. Interestingly, the protagonist of the album doesn't actually start out as the titular Antichrist: he evolves from The Worm to The Little Horn , and finally to the titular Antichrist, also known as The Distintegrator , by becoming progressively more disaffected with the state of society. Newspaper Comics. In a Dilbert strip, it comes out to a pun when the Pointy-Haired Boss tells his employees ominously that when he eats a sandwich, he always removes the "useless edges" of the bread first, and he thinks that tells you what kind of manager he is.

He doesn't especially like it when Asok hazards the answer, "You're the anti-crust? Professional Wrestling. I am without regret, I am devoid of shame, I am the antichrist, let em know the name! I'm the violence, on the backstreets. The spawn of, all your bad dreams. A product, of your weakness. Averted in, of all things, The Bible. According to 1 John 2, "antichrist" refers to individuals who either a denies that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, or both v.

Thoth & The Emerald Tablets: A Demon In Sheep's Clothing | Reasons for Jesus

Verse 18 says "even now many antichrists have come. Groups engaged in the actions described above can also be considered antichrists. The charismatic world-ruler who is anointed by Satan to bring about the end of the world is nowhere to be found. Such a character does appear in Revelation but is never referred to as the antichrist - only as the Beast or the First Beast or the Beast from the Sea, in contrast to the Second Beast or the Beast from the Land, aka the False Prophet. In fact a key feature of this beast is that it does not use any name found in the Bible when it claims its divinity!

Rather than being a prediction of some specific future ruler, however, many mainstream Christian scholars see the two Beasts as representing either one of the Roman emperors probably Nero or Caligula and the religious-political establishment that supported him, or tyranny in general. Also popular is the view that the Beast isn't a particular Roman emperor, but the Roman Empire itself.

Plus, there are more than two Beasts with important parts to play in Revelation. The First Beast and Second Beast are just a set that appear together. There is, however, a character in 2nd Thessalonians , the Man of Lawlessness , who fits the description rather well. Evangelical Christians identify him, along with the Revelation Beast and another character referred to in the Book of Daniel, with John's Antichrist. That is, "the" Antichrist of verse 18, who the other "many [lesser] antichrists" are compared to. The Daniel character is referred to as "the Little Horn," because he at first seems innocent, but is actually deadly.

He is often said to be a future leader who will sweet-talk the entire planet into following him. Tabletop Games. In the Greyhawk campaign, Iuz the Old may be considered an anti-Christ, being the son of the demon lord Graz'zt and the mortal sorceress Iggwilv. The tyrannical ruler of the Empire of Iuz, he has had a long and bloody history in his attempts to conquer various territories of the Flanaess, which thus far, have all ended in failure.

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  8. The Vistani of Ravenloft have their own equivalent of the Antichrist, known as the Dukkar. A Vistani-blooded male born with the Sight, the Dukkar is foretold to destroy the Vistani people while freeing the darklords from their domains: a feat that may or may not cause the Land of Mists to collapse entirely, unleashing its trapped evils upon the multiverse. It's actually a bit more complicated than that: there have been at least two Dukkar already, each threatening the Land of Mists' status quo and the Vistani in his own way. The first wrote a series of Self Fulfilling Prophecies meant to sunder Ravenloft which almost came to pass, and would have if not for the meddling of some Darklords who caused two of the prophecies to happen out of order Just As Planned and the second one is currently doing his damnedest to torture to death any and all Vistani he can lay his hands on, even if it means sending his mooks to hunt them across the borders of other domains—which means the south-central Core is currently a political powderkeg.

    And since "stability" in the Core tends to be based on all the Darklords pretty much all of them sociopaths not paying much attention to anything outside of their own affairs Horus in Warhammer 40, , who initiated the Horus Heresy which led to fully half of the Astartes Legions going insane and creating the current state of the galaxy. He also nearly killed the Emperor of Mankind , who has not recovered in 10, years. The Horus Heresy series reveals that Lorgar fits the trope much better.

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    He's touched by the powers of Chaos during his creation much more than his brothers, is raised on a world ruled by a church that worships Chaos , and is the first to fall to the Ruinous Powers. His Dragon Erebus is directly responsible for turning Horus into the monster he becomes.

    It's the sheer infamy of Horus's deeds that causes the Imperium to think of him as the Antichrist instead of Lorgar. Horus's Dragon and possible clone son Abaddon the Despoiler has assumed Horus's mantle for most citizens of the Imperium. Really, only the Chaos Legions who knew him before he got famous think of him as anything less than the universe's Antichrist.

    Archaon in Warhammer Fantasy was destined from birth to become the Everchosen of Chaos who will finally bring about the End Times. Since he was raised as a devout follower of Sigmar before learning this he is understandably extremely unhappy about this fate and intends to ultimately subvert the will of the Chaos Gods.

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    Unfortunately for everyone else his plan is to kill every living thing in the word to permanently rob the Chaos Gods of sustenance, destroying them in their moment of triumph. Video Games. Being the Son of Jenova a false alien God , being able to herald the Apocalypse Meteor , and, finally, having armies of Devout Worshippers the Reunion. Just for a kicker, he also comes back to life twice. The Demi-Fiend from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne was created with the potential to become the Antichrist, and not following any of the Reasons allows you to fulfill this potential to varying degrees.

    In the True Demon ending, you fulfill this trope to the letter by destroying all of Creation and becoming The Dragon to Lucifer himself , before leading the Legions of Hell to take on God. Played with in Devil Survivor. The main character obtains the potential to become an antichrist and a demon king partway through the game. Depending on the ending you gun for, you may become it or choose to use that potential for other ends. Castlevania puts Dracula here.

    You spend every game stomping him before he reaches full strength. In Halo , this seems to be what the Covenant naturally see the Spartans as in general - Master Chief in particular. In inFAMOUS , it turns out that the villain is actually the protagonist from a Bad Future , coming back in time to better prepare him for the actual world-ending villain, who is called, of course, "the Beast. Making things even more horrifying is that Omega is exactly what Dr. Wily intended Zero to be. Sprinkle a little extra Fridge Horror on there when the reveal is made that Omega is Zero's original body, meaning that Wily succeeded.

    In doing so, he strives to prevent the heroes from destroying the Dark Hour, and is the founder of a cult to welcome the arrival of Nyx and the Fall of Humanity. Adachi from Persona 4 is a bit of an Antichrist.

    Inside Colombia's Temple of Lucifer

    He is a terrible person who hates the world and wants to end the age of man, masterminding the events of the game since the real mastermind didn't do anything other than give the means. Even gets the Shadows on his side towards the end of the game.


    Nero as the Antichrist

    Lucius has the antichrist as the protagonist. It's essentially The Omen : The Game. As he is the incarnation of the hatred of Demon King Demise who was defeated long ago by the Goddess Hylia's champion Link. Demise then cursed the blood of the goddess and spirit of the hero to be locked in eternal war with his own reincarnation. Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill 4 appears to be this. He is committing serial murder as part of the 21 Sacraments to resurrect the cult's evil God and be reunited with his mother, burned the orphanage he was raised in in the process of killing one of his victims, rose from the dead after committing suicide, and you find his crucified original body in the secret room behind Henry's apartment.

    Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)
    Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)
    Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)
    Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)
    Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)
    Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)

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