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In reality, "you don't need any added sugar," Dr. Hauser says. Sugar comes in many forms—including honey, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, and molasses. You want to limit all of them. By and large, all types of sugar have the same effect on your body—with one exception.

A study in the January 2 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association looked at brain imaging scans after people ate one of two types of simple sugars—fructose or glucose. Researchers found that fructose, but not glucose, altered blood flow in areas of the brain that stimulate appetite. So you want to especially limit foods containing high-fructose corn syrup such as sodas and sweetened cereals.

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You can control the amount of extra sugar you spoon onto your food, but sometimes it's hard to spot sugar hidden in presweetened packaged and processed products. That's why it's so important to read food labels and to know exactly how much sugar is in the foods you buy. Artificial sweeteners, which are sugar-free and typically lower in calories than sugar, might seem like healthier options, but that idea is controversial.

A scientific statement from the AHA concluded that using artificial sweeteners such as aspartame NutraSweet, Equal , saccharin Sweet'N Low , and sucralose Splenda can reduce the number of calories in your diet, thereby helping you lose weight. However, there's also evidence that eating these sweeteners, which are generally hundreds—or even thousands—of times sweeter than sugar, can make you crave sweets even more.

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Kicking a Sugar Habit

You undermine the benefit of using artificial sweeteners, for example, if you use a glass of diet soda to justify having a bowl of ice cream. However, if artificial sweeteners can help you cut back on calories in a meaningful way, then they can be helpful in controlling weight and blood sugar.

You may wonder which artificial sweetener is best. All of the sweeteners on the market are considered safe. There were reports during the s linking saccharin to bladder cancer in rats that were fed extremely high doses of the sweetener. However, later studies didn't find any evidence of the same effect in humans.

Aspartame was also linked to cancer at one time, but that association has also been disproved. Still, if you're concerned about the safety of your artificial sweetener, Dr. Hauser suggests using sucralose, which has not been linked to any adverse health effects.

Want to reduce the sugar in your diet? Try these expert tips and recipe ideas

Or, you can try a sweetener containing sugar alcohols sorbitol, xylitol , although these products cause diarrhea and bloating in some people. If you're "hooked" on sugar, don't try to eliminate all sugary foods at once. If you deny yourself even a single piece of candy or sliver of cake, you'll only crave sweets more. Instead, eat a healthy diet made up of more satisfying foods—whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and lean protein.

They'll help to even out your blood sugar and you won't have spikes and crashes all the time," Dr. Cut out a little bit of sugar each week. Eating protein is an easy way to curb sugar cravings. High-protein foods digest more slowly, keeping you feeling full for longer.

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Pick proteins like lean chicken, low-fat yogurt, eggs, nuts, or beans. Fiber helps fight a sugar itch in many ways.

First, it keeps you full. High-fiber foods also give you more energy. Choose fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Exercise can help wipe out those sugar cravings and change the way you eat in general. You start to feel better and want healthier foods. Do what you like, such as walking, riding your bike, or swimming. Start out slow, and work toward at least 30 minutes at a time, 5 days a week. Can Artificial Sweeteners Help? That could make it harder to control your weight.

Pay attention to your body. Are sweeteners making you crave even more sugar? If so, look elsewhere for that sweet taste.

How to Kick Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight NOW! Healthy Snacks, Sweets, Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Diet

Honey, brown sugar, and cane juice may sound healthy. But sugar is sugar. Whether it comes from bees or sugar cane, it can cause your blood sugar to rise. Honey and unrefined sugars are slightly higher in nutrients, but their calories still count. That adds up to calories, which health experts say is way too much.

How much sugar should you be eating? According to the American heart Association, no more than 6 teaspoons daily for women. Men should get a max of 9 teaspoons. It sometimes goes by another name, like these:.

Watch out for items that list any form of sugar in the first few ingredients, or have more than 4 total grams of sugar. Sugar can hide in foods where you least expect it. So can reduced-fat salad dressings, bread, baked beans, and some flavored coffees. Get in the habit of reading labels. Filter out high-sugar foods before they hit your shopping cart. But lots of sugar splurges can point you there.

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Too much of anything, including sugar, can pack on pounds, for one thing. Heavy bodies may have a harder time using insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar. When your body resists insulin, blood sugar and your risk of diabetes go up.

Sweet Defeat - Stop Sugar Cravings

Here for you as life happens …. Your EAP is here to help with family, work, health and legal issues. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sugar Detox: Hype or Hope?

Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit
Kick Your Sugar Habit Kick Your Sugar Habit

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