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Nerd Pimps. We first debuted a preview of the graphic novel at New York Comic Con , with an overwhelming positive response. Our plan is to self-publish the book and get it into bookstores. But it's not easy - the cost of doing this is a little overwhelming, and that's why we are asking for your support. Your cash money goes into the publishing costs of a book run press, so we can make books just like the pros do.

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The challenge is building name recognition for our Graphic Novel in such a superhero saturated market. We believe in our concept and think this could be the start of an amazing series, it just needs attention and some press, and hopefully we'll get picked up by a distribution company.

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You get a first edition of Nerd Pimp, delivered to your door, signed by the artists, with an illustrated written note of thanks. You get a first edition of Nerd Pimp, delivered to your door, signed by the artists. PLUS an illustrated written note of thanks. PLUS original artwork from the graphic novel. PLUS the artists will get a beverage with you in New York City and talk about the origins of the story and offer advice on any subject matter you would like. Oct 17, - Nov 17, 31 days. Share this project Done.

Tweet Share Email. Nerd Pimp Graphic Novel. Nerd Pimp is a graphic novel about an IT guy who falls into the oldest profession in the world. Funding goes back into the project. Hunter Fine. Last updated December 7, Share this project.

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You can also subscribe without commenting. Pimp Your Dojo pt. Because I had a big white wall with nothing on it.

2013 NYC Comic Con - Pimping Isn't Easy For A Nerd! "Nerd Pimp"

For the color I chose black, but you could use whatever you want. Got it? I chose a quote. When you have chosen a motive, turn your computer on, and connect it to the projecter. Your motive should be clearly visible on the wall.

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Winner never quit, and quitters never win. Anyway, the general spirit behind the words are fine. Step 3: Start working… Just go crazy with that tape! It took about three hours for two people to tape everything. From another angle. As you can see, this is not our main dojo. I ran out of brown tape, so I had to use some yellow.

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This was the hard part. Now comes the easy part. Step 4: Paint it! Now comes the boring part… Step 5: Wait. And then rip! And so easy.

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Clean up, and wait for people to begin training! Good luck!


And if you only knew what I have planned for part 3…. More Articles.

Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp Nerd Pimp
Nerd Pimp

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