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Some people say the pig and the human share some related offensive steroid odors. However, castration is painful. Many consumers who experience Boar Taint are put off eating pork.

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As male pigs approach puberty, they begin developing two naturally occurring compounds that can cause an unpleasant aroma in cooked pork. This off odor is technically referred to as "boar taint. Two compounds, androstenone and skatole, occur naturally in male pigs as they mature. If not controlled, they can create off odors in cooked pork. Androstenone acts as a pheromone in the boar as it is released in the saliva and other fluids.

Economic forces drive the slaughter weights higher — it takes about the same labor to process a lb pig as a lb pig — so labor costs per pig decrease with higher slaughter weights.

Male Pig Personality Traits

If pigs were marketed at, say lb as the do in Britain, then the males would not have to be castrated. Castration of the male pig refers to removal of the testes. This is usually done with a non-sterile knife or scalpel and in the barn not a surgical suite. The procedure is performed rapidly and it may be performed on a large number of animals in a given day by skilled animal technicians. The procedure is described below. The routine castration of pigs is not performed with pain relief, nor is it performed in a sterile field using sterile instruments.

Castration is performed in a commercial production unit.

Typical castration cannot be considered a surgical procedure. But it is a physical method of removing the testes.

The Male Pig in Love

The pig experiences pain and distress associated with: handling, cutting the scrotum and spermatic cords, and post-surgical pain associated with healing. The post-procedure pain lasts 2 hours or so in piglets and longer in older males. The first scientific paper on the pain of castration was published in In this work, McGlone and Hellman castrated piglets 3 days old or nursery-age pigs 7 weeks old with and without local or general anesthesia.

The authors measured behavior, growth and mortality.

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McGlone, J. Local and general anesthetic effects on behavior and performance of 2 and 7 week old castrated and non-castrated piglets. Animal Science. Presented in Figure 1 is a summary of the effects of local anesthesia on nursing behavior in piglets. Castration reduced nursing behavior. This effect was partially reversed by use of local anesthetic. This is evidence that castration is painful during this 3-hour period after castration. Local anesthesia relieves the procedural pain but when it wears off in about 30 to 60 minutes the pain returns. Several studies have been published on use of different anesthetic agents to remove procedure pain and analgesics to attempt to remove post-procedure pain.

Effective analgesics have not been identified at this time. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. The Male Pig in Love. Men born in the year of Pig are kind-hearted and honest.

They will treat their lovers as princesses. No matter what their lovers are like, they will smile and be inclusive. They are so generous that whatever their lovers like, they will try to satisfy. Normally, they are not courageous, but when facing their lovers, vice versa.

In terms of love, Pig Men may prefer plain and simple relationship. Because their lack of energy to maintain their relationship, they do not want complex emotional life. Hence, they are eager for a comfortable relationship, and hope that their partners can give them a comfortable and cozy life!

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They don't like romantic ways and have no idea of how to create a romantic date. Their attitude towards love is very direct and loyal. If they love someone, they will express directly and if don't, they won't engage in any ambiguous relationship or take someone as back-up. Men under the Pig Sign are passionate, romantic and will always give their women a pleasant surprise unexpectedly. However, they like to daydream and can hardly come down to earth.

Once they are deeply aware of that women cannot live without flowers at the beginning, then money, and finally cannot live without flowers and money, they will not so blindly manage love by romance but come down to earth to prevent missing the loved ones. After all, no matter how romantic one is, he or she has to live with daily necessities. Don't Bond Well — Unless looking to mate, intact male teacup pigs have no reason to bond.

Potential Health Issues — Male pigs are prone to testicular cancer, which can significantly shorten the lifespan of your pet. Should you leave a female pig intact, you will confront several issues as well, such as: Heat Cycles — At just 12 weeks old, most female pigs begin their heat cycle. Heat lasts 5 to 7 days and female pigs grow temperamental during these times, making them difficult to control and dangerous around children or other small animals.

Additionally, they will forget any potty training efforts you've taken during this time, which can cause quite a mess.

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  5. Whining — During heat cycles, sows will whine in attempts to attract a boar, making them difficult to live with. Health Issues — Intact female pigs can experience several health issues, including uterine tumours and infections as well as mammary problems.

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    Positive Qualities of Both Males and Females Of course, spaying or neutering your new teacup pig will eliminate these common problems. And, once all is said and done, these pigs make excellent companions with qualities like: Males — Neutered males tend to be incredibly laid back, mellow, and easygoing. Females — Spayed females are more active than males and are slightly more demanding, but still lovable nonetheless.

    Purchase Your Miniature Pig for a Perfect Companion If you've been looking for the perfect companion, a pig can be just that.

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