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A swarm usually leaves just after the queen cells are capped. You can re-introduce a swarm to the parent colony. Just use standard combining procedures such as newspaper. Excellent source of info on the subject and his methods work! At first I was thinking my winter in the garage making swarm traps was fruitless, as I read on it appears the information grew more positive. It would only make sense to continue to relocate the swarm traps due to the cost of a nuc box. Remembering I live in Washington State it makes little sense to purchase a nuc from the Md West, East Coast or even California you would think the climate change would kill them, so why not continue to experiment within my climate in hopes of a win.

Nothing wrong with the idea. Just remember that most swarms issue from a first or second-year colony that originally came from a package shipped in from somewhere else, usually California. Yes, there are others as well, and some may have come from wild overwintered colonies. I still use swarm traps and I catch a lot of bees, but I always assume they came from imported bees.

Thanks Vic. Rusty just something to try to make the most out of those traps, I use that same trap and to save a little bit of money I found that Greenhouse Mega Store has actual wood pulp flower pots the same size ans an inch or so wider and deeper with a piece of plywood screwed over the wide part and a hole drilled in the middle the same size as the hole on the package bee container that i cover so I can get the bees out with great success.

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The wax needs to be refreshed every 4 or 5 years to keep the sent strong and the pheromone is just the topping on the cake. I use Swarm Commander Lure, it also works great and the jell last longer or just push a pin through the plastic vial to last the whole season. Good Luck. I wrote that post 7 years ago. Now that I use Swarm Commander, I catch swarms in all my traps and bait hives. I use traps from Horizontal Hives….. I add Swarm Commander and for the last three year have caught a swarm in 2 out of three traps each year.

You mention a yellowjacket screen to prevent them from invading a honey bee hive. Where can they be purchased? Or do you make them? If so do you have plans? Been reading your posts, thank you Rusty for your reply, the feed back is welcomed. If ever you want to send pics, attach them to an email and send to rusty honeybeesuite.

What would happen if I bait a swarm trap with one spray of swarm commander, that already has one or two scout bees? As I was getting tired of buying packages of bees every spring, this winter I decided to try making some swarm traps.

Got 2 sheets of ply and made 4 traps. Got 2 of them mounted several miles from my hives and about a mile apart , and after just 4 days, one of them had a swarm. Merci pour cet excelent article. Vous la filtrez et en vaporisez les parrois de votre piege a essaim avec un vaporisateur a main.

Honey bees ignore swarm traps - Honey Bee Suite

Il en faut peu , juste humecter les parrois. Puis vous mettez quelques gouttes d huile essentiel de citronnelle ou lemongrass a l interieur. L ideal est de melanger cette huile essentiel avec de la paraffine pharmaceutique la paraffine qui n est pas pharmaceutique contient trop d impurtes, elle a un gout de graisse.

Vous mettez un peu de cette paraffine parfumee sur les parrois et a l entree du piege. Mettez en egalement un peu dans un sachet ou entre deux feuilles de plastique que vous poserez au fond du piege. Cette technique est d une efficacite redoutable. Cette annee j ai piege deux essaims a 10 jours d intervalle.

Je vous souhaite une bonne chasse et une bonne annee apicole. You filter it and spray the parrots of your swarm trap with a hand spray. It does not take much, just moisten the parrots. Then you put a few drops of essential oil of lemongrass or lemongrass inside. The ideal is to mix this essential oil with pharmaceutical paraffin paraffin which is not pharmaceutical contains too many impurities, it has a taste of fat.

You put some of this perfumed paraffin on the parrots and at the entrance of the trap. Put a little bit in a bag or between two sheets of plastic that you put in the bottom of the trap.

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This technique is of formidable efficiency. This year I trapped two swarms 10 days apart. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Rusty Swarm trap in a tree. Facebook Tweet Pin Print Email. Habitat fragmentation produces… Habitat fragme… Bumble bees hibernate, honey b… Bumble bees hi…. We also use the swarm catchers, and we have had good luck with them.

Rusty, I just lost a swarm out of my second year hive this weekend.

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Thanks, Tim. Gerry, A swarm usually leaves just after the queen cells are capped.

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Swarm Catcher Swarm Catcher
Swarm Catcher Swarm Catcher
Swarm Catcher Swarm Catcher
Swarm Catcher Swarm Catcher
Swarm Catcher Swarm Catcher
Swarm Catcher Swarm Catcher

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