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Skunk walking away from half of the Valley until he got mud at Pig's home and Pig made appearance as Mud Creature and he got screamed also farting, too. I was making mud until you dropped in.

The Dragon's Apprentice (Dragon's Apprentice, book 1) by Linda McNabb

So how are you feeling? Pig also said, "what was I say something to made Skunk go away? Speaking of which, when Skunk is walking towards to forest, Ox and Bird were making nose bubbles and Skunk saw them and said to them, "hey, guys, if you're not do anything around, wanna play a game? Like hide and seek? Besides you always skunking around us. We were paralyzed from your stinkiness.

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Go play some childish games somewhere else," said Bird. Both of them were also laughing hysterically just like Fox and Rabbit. Now, Skunk just have enough and he's packing his stuff and about to leave the Valley forever.

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  8. I'll go someplace and train without you pathetic animal friends. Sniffs to crying " As Skunk is getting vulnerable from his emotions, the Ninja Monkeys are about to fight when Skunk saw the Monkeys getting closer to him. Okay, guys, prepare to get your butts whooped," said Skunk. Then, Baboon came appear and said to him. So there's no point to fight back. You got a appointment with Dragon. It's got to be there somewhere.

    Let's go to Dragon," said Baboon.


    Later inside at Dragon's lair, Skunk is closer towards to Dragon while he's feeling a little scared and so does Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys as well. Dragon gets up and smiles happily to see Skunk around. I understand how you feel," said Dragon. Like the time I did the dizzy technique? Or the time from destroying your jewel for giving us nightmares?

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    That your Master Panda is disgusted from your fowl stench. And your friends were making fun of you. Is that right?

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    It did. I'm sick and tire of it.

    I wanna be a kung fu master like anyone else," said Skunk. Meanwhile, Snake was thinking about what he did to Skunk so he's gonna find him and apologize when he saw the footprints to Dragon's Lair. So now he follow the footprints and gets to the mountain and saw few more tracks and it's the Ninja Monkeys. This doesn't look good for the Valley at all. By learning, strength, loyalty and personally my favorite For that requirement of strategy," said Dragon. That would be for their punishment of hurting my life.

    Master, I am honored to be your apprentice," said Skunk.

    The Dragon's Apprentice

    Master Panda ain't gonna like this. Better tell him now," said Snake. Explanation later with Master Panda. It's your imagination. He ducks and cover like a true kung fu warrior and then, he enters the Lair and saw Skunk training with the Ninja Monkeys with the bamboo stick. From high kicks and swings with the stick, Skunk can manage any obstacle.

    Panda was shocked when he saw everything. My student is training with Dragon," said Master Panda. I might've help him out now," said Dragon. Skunk's very brilliant with his move and then, he smack him hard with his bamboo stick. Master Panda got K. Master, you're not my Master anymore. All the teachings and responsibilities are for nothing to me. I suggest you get back to the Valley and start training. Or else, be history," said Skunk as kick Master Panda on his big butt. Panda landed on the snow and gets up and getting angry. He left in a hurry and gonna tell the Valley Animals. Later that night, Master Panda is making a battle plan to attack the Ninja Monkeys.

    All the Valley Animals are going up in Master Panda's place and stands still as he gonna said to them,. The young whippersnapper just disappeared.

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    If you wanna talk about where he is," said Doctor Turtle. I bet those Ninja Monkeys took him by surprise. We'll give them a surprise so they'll never forget," said Rabbit. We done something unthinkable to Skunk also," said Master Panda as they all gasp in pain. I shouting him so badly. It's my fault. The poor little guy," said Bird. Sniffs I'm feel so stupid," said Ox. I'm so sorry also," said Snake. We must defend the Valley at all cost. We'll get Skunk back even if he's gonna take on all of us," said Master Panda. Training after training, from high kicks and punches, flips and flops, using sticks to protect, breaking boards and Duck's dishes and dummies smacking, all the animals are training really hard to stop the evil Ninja Monkeys.

    Meanwhile at Dragon's Lair, Skunk trains very hard for lifting the rocks and too much weights. Flips and kicks, smacking down with the Ninja Monkeys and Baboon even he made foot down to make Baboon spluttered with banana creme pies, then, all of them laughing. Skunk's body is changing from puny to muscle bound and he make his final move is by breaking the rock which needs more lifting.

    He lifts it and goes down hard as Skunk using his finger to hold it for awhile. Then, he smack it down with one high kick. The rock turns into pebbles and small rocks. His training has been completed. They both laughing evilly and then, the battle for the Valley has just begun. The Valley Animals are ready to fight. Suddenly, the evil Ninja Monkeys are marching in closer to the Valley. Baboon and Skunk are walking together as Generals. Fox looks Skunk as he got all pumped up somehow and she's drooling for him and Rabbit saw her drooling closer to his face.

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    Skunk against us all? This is why we shouldn't do something unthinkable. Now, we're gonna get punished," said Mrs. There's no victory for this battle. If Skunk turns bad, he could use our hearts to attack," said Crane. Now, the Valley Animals are gonna attack and then, the Evil Ninja Monkeys are about to attack also when Skunk and Baboon shouts with confidence.

    From kicks, punches, flips, flops, using weapons, and most of the Ninja Monkeys got dynamite arrows on their bows as they threw the arrows and burn the trees.

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    Rabbit kick so much Monkeys around until Skunk hits Rabbit from behind. Fox is behind Skunk and starts fighting by using her moves with her arms until Skunk holds Fox's right arm and threw her into the dirt pile. Fox is never been so humiliated before in her entire life. Why are you doing this? If it is about your stinkiness treatment, we're very sorry," said Fox. If you did apologizing me, you're gonna making fun of me again. Cleaning herself off For the first time I kissed you, I really like it. I kinda like you as well," said Fox. I have no love interest in him.

    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1) The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)
    The Dragons Apprentice (Dragon Valley Book 1)

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