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A frontend designer lost in React-land

Everywhere by Angie McMahon.

Australian songwriter delivers a powerful, stripped-down take on Fleetwood Mac's "Tango in the Night" standout. Post-punk in the Sonic Youth mold—melody covered by creeping fuzz, anchored by architectural rhythms, with lyrics both abstract and direct. Seriously spooky songs mark the th release from Arachnidiscs—all of them improvised, all of them unsettling.


Fenella by Fenella. Networker by Omni. On their new LP, Omni set the anxieties of modern life against grand-scale rock arrangements. Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 30, Vagabon by Vagabon. It's a pretty amazing piece to look at, it hangs in either direction and at request could be routed to hang vertically. This is a very heavy piece, and will need to be crated, shipping added during checkout should cover the cost of shipping it to the lower Alaska Hawaii, and beyond will be at an additional charge.

All natural wood products can have natural defects, cracks, bugs holes etc. In fact, Quake's lab created a chip that could perform automated cell culture, from loading stem cells onto the chip to treating them with different growth factors and growing the cells long enough to assess their differentiation 2.

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His research group at Fluidigm is currently working to expand on Quake's efforts by developing a versatile, manufacturable microfluidic chip and instrumentation that will be able to culture individual stem cells in parallel under a range of conditions and media, an effort supported by a grant from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Lee's own research group at the University of California, Irvine is also working on developing a microfluidic chip for continuous cell-sorting applications.

His group has relied on the technique of dielectrophoresis, or the dielectric character of the cell's surface, to sort cell populations on a chip 3. The challenge for Lee's group when it came to performing continuous cell sorting with a microfluidic device was in the microfabrication of a vertical electrode to generate the right and left forces they needed. Lee and his medical school collaborators are now working with a company to develop his continuous sorting chip design for possible commercialization.

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A big part of that effort is helping to identify the minimal functionality required to make this design useful to researchers and not too complicated to manufacture in large scale. Although new microfluidic chips and platforms for cell culture and manipulation are on the horizon, Worthington suspects that an increasing number of preparative chips for genetic applications will appear even sooner. Fluidigm has launched a microfluidic chip for sequence enrichment using a PCR approach by modifying its targeted Other companies, including RainDance Technologies, are using similar approaches for sequence enrichment, while several companies, including Agilent Technologies, are now using microfluidics for the upstream sample processing steps before mass spectrometry analysis.

The question of when, or if, the so-called 'killer app' will come along and move microfluidics forward remains on the minds of many technology developers at the moment. But that has not happened with microfluidics as yet. Although Becker suspects that such an application still might come along one day, in the meantime many developers are starting to view microfluidics as an important enabling technology for a growing number of products and applications—a potentially 'killer idea'. See Table 1. Martinez, A.


Three-dimensional microfluidic devices fabricated in layered paper and tape. USA , — Gomez-Sjoberg, R. Versatile, fully automated, microfluidic cell culture system. Flanagan, L.

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Unique dielectric properties distinguish stem cells and their differentiated progeny. Stem Cells 26 , — Download references. Reprints and Permissions. Blow, N.

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Microfluidics: the great divide. Nat Methods 6, — doi Download citation. Analytical Chemistry

The Great Divide The Great Divide
The Great Divide The Great Divide
The Great Divide The Great Divide
The Great Divide The Great Divide
The Great Divide The Great Divide
The Great Divide The Great Divide

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